Green Cleaning

One of the quotes I find to sum up the spirit behind green living and green products belongs to Benjamin Franklin, who said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Green products are about sustainable living. Prevention is the key to this process. It is so easy to pollute the environment from your food to your home and work. It is not so easy to clean it up after we polluted it.

Green products, whether you eat them, use them in your home or garden or at your work, do not contain pollutants and they are biodegradable and return to a natural state quickly leaving no or very little side effect other than the benefit they provided.

Immediate Personal Benefits of Green Cleaning Products

Thinking in terms of green is about long-term sustainable living. Long term does not have to mean there aren’t any short-term immediate benefits. The short-term personal benefits of green cleaning product begin with reduced allergic reactions, less irritation to your skin, eyes and especially your lungs.

A sprayer bottle full of cleaning products create a fine mist that you breathe in. The small particles get a clear access to your lungs and from there to your blood stream. And if they are designed to make you feel good, you take a deep breath and fill your lungs with an artificially created scent made with what you are  trying to avoid.

If you have children around, your cleaning products, especially sprays can be harmful to their young lungs that are still developing. Ammonia and chlorine bleach are the first two on the list of ingredients that should leave your home. These are highly toxic. Combine them together, and you have a deadly gas in your home.

Below is one of the top green cleaning products.

White Vinegar

A Reader’s Digest© Magazine article listed over 15 household uses for white vinegar.

From cleaning your computer mouse-tracking part to your windows and piano keys.It cold be used to revitalizing wood paneling and leather furniture. Combined with baking soda, white vinegar could unclog, disinfect and deodorize drains It could disinfects your cutting board and freshens up your refrigerator.

Use hydrogen peroxide first followed by vinegar and you’ll have a more powerful disinfectarn than chlorine bleach.

150 cleaning uses. All green, all non-toxic