Green Vegetarian Superfoods

The term green vegetarian superfoods is only redundant in part.

By definition what belongs to the top list of  superfoods must have antioxidant qualities. The natural process of creating antioxidant happens in plants as they convert solar energy into sugars. Solar energy is oxidative, and plants have evolved to produce antioxidants to protect themselves from the free radicals created in the process of converting solar energy.

You can easily recognize the presence of thee antioxidants by the colors they give plants. The first part of the take home lesson here is that superfoods can only come from plants. We’ll get to fish debate later.

What else should a superfood do?

Superfoods should help you reduce  general inflammation that contributes to or is accompanied by many illnesses.

They should also help you keep your body from becoming acidic that is another sign of disease and aging.

Anything else?

Of course, superfoods should provide a rich and balanced selection of vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Is there anything that superfoods should not have?

Glad you asked. Chemical’s pesticides and hormones destroy much of the benefits of the superfoods and create additional burden on your internal body systems which is exactly what your are trying to avoid. Genetically modified plants are a process of humanly changing the genes and the balance within an organism. With thousands of interactions within the plant, it is close to impossible to accurately determine how the balance is changed.

If I am going to the trouble to buy and prepare superfoods, I prefer to have them non-gmo and certified organic.