Naturopathic Health

Naturopathic health, in theory, provides an environment for the healing to occur within a person by removing the un-natural blockages within the whole person. These blockages could be spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, social or environmental.

Today, more than ever, with all the complexities in our world, in our environment and our lives, a person who claims he or she can heal the whole person or even provide an environment that true natural healing could occur must be either egotistical bordering on Megalomania or endowed by the Divine Power.

I have had the pleasure to meet both kinds. I found it interesting that those who were endowed by the Divine Power allowed the Divine Will to do what it does which often included allowing the natural Karmic conditions of disease to takes its course until the spiritual lesson was learned.

Occationally, I met a few who had accumulated vast healing knowledge along with astonishing humility and compassion.  If you are looking for naturopathic healing, look closer at the healer.