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Living green isn’t just a slogan, it’s a lifestyle decision. And not only that, many believe that a green lifestyle will be necessary in order to survive in the future. The use of solar, wind and geothermal power sources will be essential to powering future generations in this country, as well as around the world. While there has been a boom in the renewable energy industry in recent decades, more is still needed.

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Greencluster.org is dedicated to providing the general public with basic information about the world of renewable energy. The need for sustainable living is more important now that it’s ever been, and we want to be a resource of information for anyone looking to become more environmentally friendly. Our hope is that this site can be a valuable source of eco-friendly energy alternatives.

Sources of green energy will be of the utmost importance as fossil fuels become more scarce and expensive. Finding ways to power our homes and cities without damaging our environment is the challenge for us now and in the future. Sources such as wind, solar and tide power will inevitably become more and more important as time goes on.

Of all the possible sources of renewable energy, solar power is probably the most commonly recognized. Solar energy can be easily harnessed and used for a variety of purposes. The invention of the silicon solar cell in the mid 20th century gave birth to the solar energy industry. Today, solar panels are used for both residential and commercial building projects. The technology is constantly being improved upon and there is a great deal of excitement being expressed over future generations of solar panels.

Many of today’s top architects are designing green houses. These solar homes are designed and built using eco-friendly, non-toxic materials and are becoming more and more popular with potential home buyers. Solar power systems, active and passive, are used to not only provide electricity, but solar hot water as well. Many of these homes are capable of providing all of the needed power without having to be connected to the community grid.

Wind turbine is also a quickly growing segment of the alternative energy industry. A wind turbine can be used to generate enough electricity to power an entire neighborhood, under the right conditions. Wind farms have been constructed in several countries, including the United States, and have produced outstanding results.

Future sources of energy might be found in somewhat unlikely places. Algae are being used to create “green gas”, and being hailed as a potential replacement for gasoline. Algae are an infinitely renewable source of energy, as it can be grown virtually anywhere. The only requirements for growing are sunlight, water and carbon dioxide. Furthermore, the amount of land required to grow sufficient quantities of algae is a mere fraction of that needed for other alternatives such as soy and canola.

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