Green Drink Recipes

Green Drink Recipes

Green Drink Recipes

Those who care about green drinks have taken a step into a deeper level of care for themselves and their environment.

The long-term sustainability is a part of this deeper level of care.  Ingredients of green thinking translate to very specific green drink recipes. The type of fruits and vegetables that you choose for your drink is only a part of this process.

Environmental benefits – Vertical Tribest Slowstar Juicer is one of the most efficient juicers I know of.  But it is made in Korea. A Champion Juicer that is made in California does not have to travel so far for US residents.

From environmental point of view the tools and the ingredients that you choose at your grocery stores may only look green because of their green color but if they have traveled halfway around the world to get to you, a lot of fossil fuel has been used to transport them. They have a huge carbon footprint and there is anything but green for the environment.

Truly green ingredients for a drink recipe should have minimal carbon footprint which usually means they are locally grown.

Sustainability – If growing and consuming a green drink ingredient is not sustainable, then you have some work to find substitutes. In this case sustainability is environmental and personal level. The environment should can continue producing that ingredient without harming the ecosystem.

On a personal level, you should can continue consuming that he ingredient over a long time.  If the availability order processing of that ingredient prevents you from using it than that ingredient is not sustainable for your use.

Health benefits – The quality of your health-related decisions will show more as you grow older. One way to choose ingredients that are sustainable over the long run is to think about the type of illnesses older individuals suffer. Then you can choose the ingredients that are most beneficial to you in preventing those illnesses.

Diabetes is a good example of this. There is a difference between a green apple and kale. They are both green however apple is one of the most pesticide contaminated fruits. An apple also has a very high sugar content which makes it somewhat unsuitable for a person who has diabetes or who has the potential to become diabetic.

Clean ingredients – When I use my slowstar juicer to make my  green drink recipes I think about clean ingredients. By clean, I don’t mean washing them with soap and water. Any contamination in the form of pesticides and many cases genetic modifications make ingredient “dirty.”

In the case of fruits and vegetables there is a list of most contaminated foods and drinks that are called  the dirty dozen. You  need to purchase these organically grown and if you’re into the green environment, locally grown.

Clean processing – if you require tools to make your green drinks, then does tools are subject to the same criteria. For example, a US citizen can get a masticating juicer imported from Korea or get one made in US. The one imported from Korea usually has a larger carbon footprint because of the distance it has to travel.

The tools you use to make your green drinks should be free of contamination like BPA. This also applies to containers you use to keep them.

As you can see, thinking green is a deeper look at your actions. However, this deeper look provides long-term benefits include longer life, more vitality and less disease.